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Supreme Quality


Our vodka is made from the finest-quality Alpine water and premium raw materials. Those get combined with new-generation alcohol which is based on biologically pure wheat and rye grains.

The result – our raw alcohol has the lowest trace of impurities on the market. This is why Fire & Ice Vodka doesn’t cause any side-effects such as next-day headaches, if consumed responsibly.

Extra soft and smooth, perfected through relentless testing by experts.

Bottled in Switzerland

Our Fire & Ice Vodka is made from the best natural ingredients available. But, what makes our vodka truly one of a kind is the pristine Swiss nature contained in every drop. Crystal clear alpine water and naturally rich elements such as minerals and precious metals from our beautiful Alps.

Our vodka

Striking Design

Carefully crafted to immediately grab attention, entice curiousity, and, most importantly, sell. Extra soft and smooth, perfected through relentless testing by industry experts. Guaranteeing absolute excellence in all aspects of production, marketing, and distribution.

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Made with pristine alpine water and top-quality ingredients.

New-generation alcohol which is based on finest-quality water and premium raw materials

Premium Wheat

One of the advantages of our unique recipe is that it contains absolutely no other chemical mixtures or preservatives. But, we don’t stop there; we mix all the premium ingredients in our advanced plant, using our special, patented filtration method.

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